01 après le temps vient l’oubli
the skies of memory
edition design

You see beautiful skies every day.
But can you remember them ?
Thanks to tissue and crepe papers
I recreate what we can't control yet : skies.

02 havana club
cuba without jet-lag
artistic direction

Havana Club is your one-way ticket for Cuba.
illustrations by Amandine Poirot, Marie Sorgius,
Laureen Louchon.

03 ekies hotel
artistic direction

Creation of illustrations for the Greek hotel, Ekies all senses resort. Work at Semiotik, with Dimitris Koliadimas.

04 greta
greta program, new-year wishes
artistic direction

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Greta CDMA is a state artistic program including all the specific learning about arts & crafts, specialised for adults.
Thanks to cards and this video they wanted to wish an happy new-year to all their students.

05 journal en grèce
greek diary
edition design

Photographs and travel notes in Greece.